-Google a little bit, imagine 5 possible situations for the future.
-What we have already achieved and what we will be doing.


 Discuss these questions in small groups.

1. In your country or city, how do people...?

  • dress for special occasions
  • treat tourists
  • drive
  • eat at lunchtime during the week
  • speak foreign languages
  • behave at sports matches
  • decorate their houses

2. Think of a time when you went to another country or another city/region in your country for the first time. What did you notice about...?

  • the people
  • the food
  • the driving
  • the houses
  • the weather

1st year - Writing: Sports

Writing task: Talking about sports

Our next writing task is about sports! Let's see how to write a short text about sports. Take a look at this example:

My Favorite Sport: Football               

  There are different kinds of popular sports in Taiwan such as basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, and dodge ball. However, there is one kind of sport that you can’t find it anywhere in Taiwan. The sport is called American football.

When I was a kid, my father sent me to the United States to learn English. Once, my cousins in America invited me to play in their school. When we got there, my cousins told me to play football with them. I didn’t know the rules of football. During the first quarter, I played horribly. During the first break, my cousins taught me how to dodge and block by using my hands. Things changed in the second quarter. I started to play well. Finally, four quarters were over. We won the game by forty-three to thirty-six. It was the best ball game I ever had.

  I love football. Since then, I have visited America to play football every year! I have even bought a football for myself!   

Questions - What is your favorite sport?

Answer the following questions. Then we will use this information to write our own text.

1. What is your favorite sport? 
2. Who do you play this sport with? How do you play?
3. What do you do when you play this sport?
 How do you do this?
4. What do you do after you win a game? 

Writing time!

Now write a paragraph (80-90 words) about your favorite sport, playing it, and your favorite athletes who play it. Use your sentences above. Add some new ideas, too.             


Where are you from?

Where are you from?

We want to know about YOU. Would you like to share a photo? Why do you study English? We are looking forward to hearing about you.

KIDS - My Routine

My Daily Routine

Write 9 sentences about your daily routine. Use some ideas from the chart.
Remember to include your name and surname in your post.

Lots of love,

Miss D.



His name is....
Coco is____ years old.
His hair is _____.
He likes bones/ball/bottle/sleeping/meat/playing/eating




My name is Alice. I'm from Paris in France.
This is a photo of my family. My father’s name is henri, and my mother’s name is Cecile. I have a sister, pauline, and a brother, oliver. We have a dog.  His name is toto. Do you like my photo?

  POSTER ACTIVITY -Google a little bit, imagine 5 possible situations for the future. -What we have already achieved and what we will be doing.